LSTS at Funchal

LSTS at Funchal

On the week 10 to 15 November a team of four people from LSTS went to Funchal (Madeira) for a demonstration of the current operational capabilities.
This initiative was brought with the aim of presenting the underwater robotic vehicles and theirs potentiality in surveying and data collection in port and coastal environments. 

An anchor lost by a ship in the anchorage site outside the port two weeks before was found using side scan imagery and confirmed via HD underwater pictures also taken by the AUVs. The anchor position was given to local authorities for future recover.

Environmental data was collected, in particular temperature and salinity, in order to better characterize the local coastal oceanographic dynamics.

A drifter was deployed to figure the surface coastal currents surrounding the south east part of the island.
The demonstration was possible due to the coordination with the local Center CIIMAR-Madeira in collaboration with APRAM and the Portuguese Navy.

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News reference:
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria