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This September comes another edition of the Recognize Environmental Picture (REP) exercise, once more co-organized by LSTS and the Portuguese Navy. Like last year, the exercise is taking place off the coast of Sesimbra covering a large set of goals.

For more information on this exercise, please click the link below:






This conference theme is grand challenges for Control and Systems Engineering that addresses the emerging theoretical concepts and expanding the scope of applications.

Control 2018, 12th UKACC International Conference on Control took place in Sheffield, United Kingdom, between the 5th to 7th September 2018.

Prof. João Borges de Sousa was invited as a plenary speaker, where he presented the following theme: "Mobile Connectivity and Mobile Locality In Networked Vehicle Systems: Are We Missing Something?"


O site de notícias da TSF destaca a notícia da Agência Lusa sobre a expedição «Exploring Front with Multiple Robots», realizada entre 28 de Maio e 17 de Junho na Califórnia.

Esta expedição teve o Prof João Borges de Sousa como Investigador Principal e o LSTS como líder, e o seu principal foco consistiu ​no estudo da Frente Subtropical do Pacífico Norte, uma área ainda pouco explorada.

A notícia completa pode ser encontrada no link abaixo:


LSTS team onboard LE Róisin with E-URready4OS AUV fleet, during Cork Exercise

The final demo of e-URready4OS Project took place in Cork, Ireland, onboard the Irish Navy vessel L.É. ROISÍN P 51. LSTS members participated in this exercise with the new smaller Nemo class LAUV. 


Alguns estudantes do Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), instituição de ensino superior de referência de Pequim, participaram na primeira edição da "FEUP Summer School – Engineering for a Better Future", que teve como principal objectivo o reforço da importância do papel da Engenharia para um futuro promissor nas várias áreas da sociedade, como refere a U.Porto na sua publicação "Estudantes chineses aprendem na FEUP como usar a Engenharia por um futuro melhor".


Dois projectos de final de licenciatura da Universidade de Aveiro, em colaboração com o Núcleo de Modelação Estuarina e Costeirabeneficiaram do apoio de alguns colaboradores e dados adquiridos pelo LSTS no último ano.


LSTS made the cover of SCCOOS's July Newsletter!

The LSTS team met with SCCOOS (Southern California Ocean Observing System) and CDIP (Coastal Data Information Program) to learn about their technologies and ocean observing systems.

Check out the article here:…/uploads/2018/07/July_2018_Newsletter.pdf


The OES Portugal Chapter joins researchers from multiple institutions that have been intensively involved in ocean-related research and development activities. These institutions are part of a network of national organizations with extensive expertise in ocean-related activities, that collectively carry efforts to develop novel tools that make sustainable ocean explorations and exploitation a reality.

Examples of multiple research activities and results of these researchers in the last months can be found below:



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