DUNE: Uniform Navigational Environment  2016.05.0
DUNE::Concurrency::RawTLS Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 RawTLS (dune_concurrency_raw_tls_dtr_t dtor=NULL)
 ~RawTLS (void)
void set (const void *data)
void * get (void)
 RawTLS (RawTLS const &)
RawTLSoperator= (RawTLS const &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DUNE::Concurrency::RawTLS::RawTLS ( dune_concurrency_raw_tls_dtr_t  dtor = NULL)


dtoroptional TLS data destructor.
DUNE::Concurrency::RawTLS::~RawTLS ( void  )


DUNE::Concurrency::RawTLS::RawTLS ( RawTLS const &  )

Member Function Documentation

void * DUNE::Concurrency::RawTLS::get ( void  )

Get data set for calling thread.

Referenced by DUNE::Concurrency::TLS< T >::value().

RawTLS& DUNE::Concurrency::RawTLS::operator= ( RawTLS const &  )
void DUNE::Concurrency::RawTLS::set ( const void *  data)

Set data for calling thread.

Previous data set, if any, is released using key destructor, For a value of 0 in particular, it releases the data for the calling thread.

datadata to set

Referenced by DUNE::Concurrency::TLS< T >::clear(), and DUNE::Concurrency::TLS< T >::value().

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