DUNE: Uniform Navigational Environment  2016.05.0
Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Microstrain3DMGX3 software driver.

Public Member Functions

 Task (const std::string &name, Tasks::Context &ctx)
void onUpdateParameters (void)
void onResourceRelease (void)
void onResourceAcquisition (void)
void onResourceInitialization (void)
void consume (const IMC::MagneticField *msg)
bool poll (Commands cmd, Sizes cmd_size, uint16_t addr, uint16_t value)
bool listen (Commands cmd, Sizes cmd_size)
bool validateChecksum (const uint8_t *bfr, unsigned bfr_len)
void runCalibration (void)
bool isCalibrated (void)
void resetDevice (void)
void requestCalibration (uint16_t addr)
bool setHardIron (void)
void calibrate (uint16_t addr, uint16_t value)
void rotateData (void)
void reportEntityState (void)
void task (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Tasks::Periodic
 Periodic (const std::string &name, Context &ctx)
virtual ~Periodic (void)
void setFrequency (double freq)
double getFrequency (void) const
double getRunTime (void) const
unsigned getRunCount (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Tasks::Task
 Task (const std::string &name, Context &context)
virtual ~Task (void)
const char * getName (void) const
const char * getSystemName (void) const
unsigned int getSystemId (void) const
unsigned int getEntityId (void) const
unsigned int resolveEntity (const std::string &label) const
std::string resolveEntity (unsigned int id) const
DebugLevel getDebugLevel (void) const
uint16_t getActivationTime (void) const
uint16_t getDeactivationTime (void) const
unsigned int resolveSystemName (const std::string &name) const
const char * resolveSystemId (unsigned int id) const
void loadConfig (void)
void setPriority (unsigned int value)
unsigned int getPriority (void) const
void inf (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void war (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void err (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void cri (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void void debug (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void void void trace (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void void void void spew (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void void void
void void 
dispatch (IMC::Message *msg, unsigned int flags=0)
void dispatch (IMC::Message &msg, unsigned int flags=0)
void dispatchReply (const IMC::Message &original, IMC::Message &msg, unsigned int flags=0)
void receive (const IMC::Message *msg)
void reserveEntities (void)
void resolveEntities (void)
void acquireResources (void)
void releaseResources (void)
void initializeResources (void)
void updateParameters (bool act_deact=true)
void writeParamsXML (std::ostream &os) const
const char * getEntityLabel (void) const
void setEntityLabel (const std::string &label)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Tasks::AbstractTask
 AbstractTask (void)
virtual ~AbstractTask (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Concurrency::Thread
 Thread (void)
virtual ~Thread (void)
int getProcessorUsage (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Concurrency::Runnable
 Runnable (void)
virtual ~Runnable (void)
void start (void)
void stop (void)
void join (void)
void stopAndJoin (void)
void setPriority (Scheduler::Policy policy, unsigned priority)
State getState (void)
bool isCreated (void)
bool isStopping (void)
bool isRunning (void)
bool isStarting (void)
bool isDead (void)

Public Attributes

Math::Matrix m_rotation
float m_hard_iron [3]
SerialPort * m_uart
IMC::EulerAngles m_euler
IMC::Acceleration m_accel
IMC::AngularVelocity m_agvel
IMC::MagneticField m_magfield
Time::Counter< float > m_timer
uint8_t m_bfr [c_bfr_size]
uint16_t m_addr [c_num_addr]
double m_tstamp
Counter< double > m_wdog
Counter< double > m_state_timer
size_t m_sample_count
size_t m_faults_count
size_t m_timeout_count
Arguments m_args

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned c_bfr_size
static const unsigned c_num_addr
static const uint16_t c_mag_addr

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DUNE::Concurrency::Runnable
enum  State {
  StateStarting, StateRunning, StateStopping, StateDead,
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Tasks::Task
void setEntityState (IMC::EntityState::StateEnum state, Status::Code code)
void setEntityState (IMC::EntityState::StateEnum state, const std::string &description)
IMC::EntityState::StateEnum getEntityState (void) const
unsigned int reserveEntity (const std::string &label)
template<typename E >
E * reserveEntity (const std::string &label)
bool stopping (void)
bool isActive (void) const
bool isActivating (void) const
bool isDeactivating (void) const
void waitForMessages (double timeout)
void consumeMessages (void)
template<typename T >
Parameterparam (const std::string &name, T &var)
template<typename Y , typename T >
Parameterparam (const std::string &name, T &var)
template<typename T >
bool paramChanged (T &var)
void paramActive (Parameter::Scope def_scope, Parameter::Visibility def_visibility, bool def_value=false)
void setParamSectionEditor (const std::string &name)
template<typename M , typename T >
void bind (T *task_obj, void(T::*consumer)(const M *)=&T::consume)
template<typename T >
void bind (T *task_obj, const std::vector< uint32_t > &list)
template<typename T , typename M >
void bind (T *task_obj, const std::vector< uint32_t > &list, void(T::*consumer)(const M *)=&T::consume)
template<typename T >
void bind (T *task_obj, const std::vector< std::string > &list)
void requestActivation (void)
void requestDeactivation (void)
void activate (void)
void activationFailed (const std::string &reason)
void deactivate (void)
void deactivationFailed (const std::string &reason)
virtual bool onWriteParamsXML (std::ostream &os) const
virtual void onEntityReservation (void)
virtual void onEntityResolution (void)
virtual void onReportEntityState (void)
virtual void onRequestActivation (void)
virtual void onRequestDeactivation (void)
virtual void onActivation (void)
virtual void onDeactivation (void)
virtual void onQueryEntityParameters (const IMC::QueryEntityParameters *msg)
virtual void onSetEntityParameters (const IMC::SetEntityParameters *msg)
virtual void onPushEntityParameters (const IMC::PushEntityParameters *msg)
virtual void onPopEntityParameters (const IMC::PopEntityParameters *msg)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Concurrency::Thread
void startImpl (void)
void stopImpl (void)
void joinImpl (void)
void setPriorityImpl (Scheduler::Policy policy, unsigned priority)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DUNE::Tasks::Task
< Entities::BasicEntity * > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::calibrate ( uint16_t  addr,
uint16_t  value 

Send calibration frame to the device.

[in]addrEEPROM address.
[in]valuenew calibration value.

References Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_WRITE_EEPROM, and m_uart.

Referenced by poll().

bool Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::isCalibrated ( void  )

Check if sensor has the same hard iron calibration parameters.

true if the parameters are the same, false otherwise.

References c_num_addr, Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_READ_EEPROM, Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_READ_EEPROM_SIZE, m_addr, m_bfr, m_hard_iron, m_uart, poll(), and DUNE::Tasks::Task::war().

Referenced by runCalibration().

bool Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::listen ( Commands  cmd,
Sizes  cmd_size 

Listen for responses.

[in]cmdcommand char.
[in]cmd_sizeexpected frame response size.
true if communication successful, false otherwise.

References c_bfr_size, m_bfr, m_faults_count, m_timeout_count, m_tstamp, m_uart, and validateChecksum().

Referenced by poll().

void Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::onResourceAcquisition ( void  )
void Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::onResourceInitialization ( void  )
void Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::onResourceRelease ( void  )

Release resources.

Reimplemented from DUNE::Tasks::Task.

References m_uart.

bool Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::poll ( Commands  cmd,
Sizes  cmd_size,
uint16_t  addr,
uint16_t  value 

Send commands to the device.

[in]cmdcommand char.
[in]cmd_sizeexpected frame response size.
[in]valuevalue to be assigned.
true if communication successful, false otherwise.

References calibrate(), Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_DATA, Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_DEVICE_RESET, Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_FWARE_VERSION, Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_READ_EEPROM, Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_WRITE_EEPROM, listen(), m_uart, requestCalibration(), and resetDevice().

Referenced by isCalibrated(), onResourceInitialization(), runCalibration(), setHardIron(), and task().

void Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::requestCalibration ( uint16_t  addr)

Request calibration parameters from device.


References Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_READ_EEPROM, and m_uart.

Referenced by poll().

void Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::resetDevice ( void  )

Soft-reset device.

References Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::CMD_DEVICE_RESET, and m_uart.

Referenced by poll().

void Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::rotateData ( void  )

Correct data according with mounting position.

References m_accel, m_agvel, m_magfield, and m_rotation.

Referenced by task().

void Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::runCalibration ( void  )
bool Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::setHardIron ( void  )
bool Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::validateChecksum ( const uint8_t *  bfr,
unsigned  bfr_len 

Validate response checksum.

[in]bfrbuffer to be validated.
[in]bfr_lenlength of the buffer.
true if checksum validated, false otherwise.

Referenced by listen().

Member Data Documentation

const unsigned Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::c_bfr_size

Internal read buffer.

Referenced by listen().

const uint16_t Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::c_mag_addr

Magnetic calibration initial address.

Referenced by Task().

const unsigned Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::c_num_addr

Number of addresses for magnetic calibration.

Referenced by isCalibrated(), setHardIron(), and Task().

IMC::Acceleration Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_accel

Acceleration message.

Referenced by rotateData(), and task().

uint16_t Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_addr[c_num_addr]

Magnetic Calibration addresses.

Referenced by isCalibrated(), setHardIron(), and Task().

IMC::AngularVelocity Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_agvel

Angular velocity message.

Referenced by rotateData(), and task().

Arguments Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_args
uint8_t Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_bfr[c_bfr_size]

Internal read buffer.

Referenced by isCalibrated(), listen(), and task().

IMC::EulerAngles Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_euler

Euler angles message.

Referenced by task().

size_t Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_faults_count

Faults count.

Referenced by listen(), and reportEntityState().

float Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_hard_iron[3]

Rotated calibration parameters.

Referenced by isCalibrated(), onUpdateParameters(), and setHardIron().

IMC::MagneticField Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_magfield

Magnetometer Vector message.

Referenced by rotateData(), and task().

Math::Matrix Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_rotation

Rotation Matrix to correct mounting position.

Referenced by onUpdateParameters(), rotateData(), and task().

size_t Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_sample_count

Sample count.

Referenced by reportEntityState(), and task().

Counter<double> Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_state_timer

Entity state timer.

Referenced by reportEntityState().

size_t Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_timeout_count

Timeout count.

Referenced by listen(), and reportEntityState().

Time::Counter<float> Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_timer

Timer to wait for soft-reset without issuing error.

Referenced by runCalibration(), and Task().

double Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_tstamp

Read timestamp.

Referenced by listen(), and task().

Counter<double> Sensors::Microstrain3DMGX3::Task::m_wdog


Referenced by onUpdateParameters(), reportEntityState(), and task().

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