DUNE: Uniform Navigational Environment  2016.05.0
Sensors::WifiRSSI::Arguments Struct Reference

Public Attributes

string tmp_file
bool use_ssh
string ssh_flags
string remote_host
string remote_user
string private_key
int period

Member Data Documentation

int Sensors::WifiRSSI::Arguments::period

Period, in seconds, between polls.

string Sensors::WifiRSSI::Arguments::private_key

File where private RSA key is stored.

string Sensors::WifiRSSI::Arguments::remote_host

Where to connect via SSH.

string Sensors::WifiRSSI::Arguments::remote_user

Username to use for SSH connection.

string Sensors::WifiRSSI::Arguments::ssh_flags

Extra SSH flags to use.

string Sensors::WifiRSSI::Arguments::tmp_file

Temporary file where to store retrieved data.

bool Sensors::WifiRSSI::Arguments::use_ssh

Whether to use SSH or run locally.

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