DUNE: Uniform Navigational Environment  2016.05.0
Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Task (const std::string &name, DUNE::Tasks::Context &ctx)
void onUpdateParameters (void)
bool canInit (const IMC::FollowTrajectory *maneuver)
void onPathCompletion (void)
void step (const IMC::EstimatedState &estate)
bool isFeasible (void)
double speed (int curr)
double dist (int p1, int p2)

Public Attributes

IMC::DesiredSpeed m_maneuver_speed
double m_last_actuation
double m_zero_time
bool m_done
int m_curr
Arguments m_args

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

bool Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::canInit ( const IMC::FollowTrajectory *  maneuver)
double Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::dist ( int  p1,
int  p2 

Function for computing the horizontal distance between two points in the trajectory.

Referenced by speed(), and step().

bool Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::isFeasible ( void  )

Function for testing the trajectory's feasibility.

References m_args, Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Arguments::max_speed, Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Arguments::mps_control, and speed().

Referenced by canInit().

void Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::onPathCompletion ( void  )

References m_done.

void Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::onUpdateParameters ( void  )
double Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::speed ( int  curr)

Function for computing the speed for travelling to the next point.

References dist().

Referenced by isFeasible(), and step().

Member Data Documentation

Arguments Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::m_args
int Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::m_curr

Number of current waypoint number.

Referenced by canInit(), and step().

bool Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::m_done

Path completion flag.

Referenced by canInit(), onPathCompletion(), and step().

double Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::m_last_actuation

Last actuation sent to the motor (used to compute actuation step.

Referenced by canInit(), and step().

IMC::DesiredSpeed Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::m_maneuver_speed

FollowTrajectory maneuver's speed.

Referenced by canInit().

double Maneuver::FollowTrajectory::Task::m_zero_time

Time value to be used as reference.

Referenced by canInit(), and step().

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