DUNE: Uniform Navigational Environment  2016.05.0
Monitors::Clock Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Clock is responsible to monitor system's hardware clock.

This task uses valid GPS's UTC time and if hardware clock is out of synch for more than a configurable amount of time, the system clock is corrected once in a task lifetime at startup.

This Task is capable of controlling the following parameters:

  • Minimum GPS Fixes: Minimum number of GPS fixes required to compute the clock offset.
  • Maximum Clock Offset: If the clock offset is above this value the clock will be synchronized.
  • Boot Synchronization Timeout: At boot the system tries to synchronize clocks. It continues unsynched after timeout.
  • Hardware Clock Synchronization Command: System command to execute everytime the clock is synchronized.
Ricardo Martins


struct  Arguments
struct  Task