DUNE: Uniform Navigational Environment  2016.05.0
Monitors::Entities::Task Struct Reference

Public Types

typedef std::set< uint8_t > EIdSet
- Public Types inherited from DUNE::Concurrency::Runnable
enum  State {
  StateStarting, StateRunning, StateStopping, StateDead,

Public Member Functions

 Task (const std::string &name, Tasks::Context &ctx)
void onResourceInitialization (void)
void onEntityResolution (void)
void setupDefaults (const std::vector< std::string > &ents)
void consume (const IMC::EntityState *msg)
void onReportEntityState (void)
void consume (const IMC::MonitorEntityState *mes)
void enableDefaults (bool startup=false)
void enable (uint8_t eid, bool startup=false)
void disable (uint8_t eid)
void activate (const std::string &enames, uint8_t cmd)
void reportState (void)
void onTimeoutCheck (void)
void setLastError (std::string msg)
void onMain (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Tasks::Task
 Task (const std::string &name, Context &context)
virtual ~Task (void)
const char * getName (void) const
const char * getSystemName (void) const
unsigned int getSystemId (void) const
unsigned int getEntityId (void) const
unsigned int resolveEntity (const std::string &label) const
std::string resolveEntity (unsigned int id) const
DebugLevel getDebugLevel (void) const
uint16_t getActivationTime (void) const
uint16_t getDeactivationTime (void) const
unsigned int resolveSystemName (const std::string &name) const
const char * resolveSystemId (unsigned int id) const
void loadConfig (void)
void setPriority (unsigned int value)
unsigned int getPriority (void) const
void inf (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void war (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void err (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void cri (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void void debug (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void void void trace (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void void void void spew (const char *format,...) DUNE_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void void void
void void 
dispatch (IMC::Message *msg, unsigned int flags=0)
void dispatch (IMC::Message &msg, unsigned int flags=0)
void dispatchReply (const IMC::Message &original, IMC::Message &msg, unsigned int flags=0)
void receive (const IMC::Message *msg)
void reserveEntities (void)
void resolveEntities (void)
void acquireResources (void)
void releaseResources (void)
void initializeResources (void)
void updateParameters (bool act_deact=true)
void writeParamsXML (std::ostream &os) const
const char * getEntityLabel (void) const
void setEntityLabel (const std::string &label)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Tasks::AbstractTask
 AbstractTask (void)
virtual ~AbstractTask (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Concurrency::Thread
 Thread (void)
virtual ~Thread (void)
int getProcessorUsage (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Concurrency::Runnable
 Runnable (void)
virtual ~Runnable (void)
void start (void)
void stop (void)
void join (void)
void stopAndJoin (void)
void setPriority (Scheduler::Policy policy, unsigned priority)
State getState (void)
bool isCreated (void)
bool isStopping (void)
bool isRunning (void)
bool isStarting (void)
bool isDead (void)

Public Attributes

IMC::EntityMonitoringState m_ems
std::vector< ESRecordm_record
EIdSet m_current
EIdSet m_defaults
Arguments m_args

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Tasks::Task
void setEntityState (IMC::EntityState::StateEnum state, Status::Code code)
void setEntityState (IMC::EntityState::StateEnum state, const std::string &description)
IMC::EntityState::StateEnum getEntityState (void) const
unsigned int reserveEntity (const std::string &label)
template<typename E >
E * reserveEntity (const std::string &label)
bool stopping (void)
bool isActive (void) const
bool isActivating (void) const
bool isDeactivating (void) const
void waitForMessages (double timeout)
void consumeMessages (void)
template<typename T >
Parameterparam (const std::string &name, T &var)
template<typename Y , typename T >
Parameterparam (const std::string &name, T &var)
template<typename T >
bool paramChanged (T &var)
void paramActive (Parameter::Scope def_scope, Parameter::Visibility def_visibility, bool def_value=false)
void setParamSectionEditor (const std::string &name)
template<typename M , typename T >
void bind (T *task_obj, void(T::*consumer)(const M *)=&T::consume)
template<typename T >
void bind (T *task_obj, const std::vector< uint32_t > &list)
template<typename T , typename M >
void bind (T *task_obj, const std::vector< uint32_t > &list, void(T::*consumer)(const M *)=&T::consume)
template<typename T >
void bind (T *task_obj, const std::vector< std::string > &list)
void requestActivation (void)
void requestDeactivation (void)
void activate (void)
void activationFailed (const std::string &reason)
void deactivate (void)
void deactivationFailed (const std::string &reason)
virtual bool onWriteParamsXML (std::ostream &os) const
virtual void onEntityReservation (void)
virtual void onResourceAcquisition (void)
virtual void onResourceRelease (void)
virtual void onUpdateParameters (void)
virtual void onRequestActivation (void)
virtual void onRequestDeactivation (void)
virtual void onActivation (void)
virtual void onDeactivation (void)
virtual void onQueryEntityParameters (const IMC::QueryEntityParameters *msg)
virtual void onSetEntityParameters (const IMC::SetEntityParameters *msg)
virtual void onPushEntityParameters (const IMC::PushEntityParameters *msg)
virtual void onPopEntityParameters (const IMC::PopEntityParameters *msg)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Concurrency::Thread
void startImpl (void)
void stopImpl (void)
void joinImpl (void)
void setPriorityImpl (Scheduler::Policy policy, unsigned priority)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DUNE::Tasks::Task
< Entities::BasicEntity * > 

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::set<uint8_t> Monitors::Entities::Task::EIdSet

Type to store all Entity Ids.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void Monitors::Entities::Task::activate ( const std::string &  enames,
uint8_t  cmd 

Activate monitorings.

[in]enamesentity names
[in]cmdentity state monitoring command

References disable(), enable(), DUNE::Tasks::Task::inf(), m_current, DUNE::Tasks::Task::resolveEntity(), and DUNE::Utils::String::split().

void Monitors::Entities::Task::consume ( const IMC::MonitorEntityState *  mes)
void Monitors::Entities::Task::disable ( uint8_t  eid)

Disable monitoring for an entity.

[in]eidentity ID

References DUNE::Tasks::Task::inf(), Monitors::Entities::ESRecord::label, m_current, m_record, and Monitors::Entities::ESRecord::monitor.

Referenced by activate(), and enableDefaults().

void Monitors::Entities::Task::enable ( uint8_t  eid,
bool  startup = false 

Enable monitoring for an entity.

[in]eidentity ID
[in]startuptrue if task is just starting

References DUNE::Tasks::Task::err(), DUNE::Tasks::Task::inf(), Monitors::Entities::ESRecord::label, m_current, m_record, Monitors::Entities::ESRecord::monitor, and Monitors::Entities::ESRecord::state.

Referenced by activate(), and enableDefaults().

void Monitors::Entities::Task::enableDefaults ( bool  startup = false)

Enable configuration defaults.

[in]startuptrue if the task is just starting

References DUNE::Tasks::Task::debug(), disable(), enable(), m_current, m_defaults, and m_ems.

Referenced by consume(), and onEntityResolution().

void Monitors::Entities::Task::onEntityResolution ( void  )

Called when the task is instructed to resolve all the entity identifiers it needs for normal execution.

See resolveEntity(). Derived classes that need to resolve entity identifiers should override this function.

Reimplemented from DUNE::Tasks::Task.

References DUNE::Entities::EntityDataBase::contents(), Monitors::Entities::Arguments::defmon, Monitors::Entities::Arguments::defmon_hw, enableDefaults(), DUNE::Tasks::Context::entities, DUNE::Tasks::Profiles::isSelected(), m_args, DUNE::Tasks::Task::m_ctx, m_record, DUNE::Tasks::Context::profiles, setupDefaults(), and DUNE::Tasks::Task::trace().

void Monitors::Entities::Task::onMain ( void  )
void Monitors::Entities::Task::onReportEntityState ( void  )

Called when the task is instructed to report the state of its entities.

Derived classes that need to report the state of entities other than the main entity should override this function to dispatch the EntityState of those entities.

Reimplemented from DUNE::Tasks::Task.

References onTimeoutCheck(), and reportState().

void Monitors::Entities::Task::onResourceInitialization ( void  )

Called when the task is instructed to initialize resources acquired previously or whose initialization depends on run-time parameters.

Reimplemented from DUNE::Tasks::Task.

References DUNE::Tasks::Task::setEntityState().

void Monitors::Entities::Task::reportState ( void  )
void Monitors::Entities::Task::setLastError ( std::string  msg)

Setting last monitoring state error.

[in]msgerror message

References m_ems.

Referenced by consume(), and onTimeoutCheck().

void Monitors::Entities::Task::setupDefaults ( const std::vector< std::string > &  ents)

Fill default entities vector.

[in]entsvector of entity labels

References DUNE::Tasks::Task::err(), m_defaults, and DUNE::Tasks::Task::resolveEntity().

Referenced by onEntityResolution().

Member Data Documentation

Arguments Monitors::Entities::Task::m_args

Task arguments.

Referenced by consume(), onEntityResolution(), onTimeoutCheck(), and Task().

EIdSet Monitors::Entities::Task::m_current

Ids of all currently monitored entities.

Referenced by activate(), disable(), enable(), enableDefaults(), and reportState().

EIdSet Monitors::Entities::Task::m_defaults

Ids of monitored entities for default settings.

Referenced by enableDefaults(), and setupDefaults().

IMC::EntityMonitoringState Monitors::Entities::Task::m_ems

Entity Monitoring State message.

Referenced by enableDefaults(), reportState(), and setLastError().

std::vector<ESRecord> Monitors::Entities::Task::m_record

Record of all available entity information.

Referenced by consume(), disable(), enable(), onEntityResolution(), onTimeoutCheck(), and reportState().

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