DUNE: Uniform Navigational Environment  2016.05.0
DUNE::Maneuvers::Circular Class Reference

Detailed Description

Class to control circular behavior.

Public Member Functions

 Circular (const IMC::Loiter *maneuver, Maneuvers::Maneuver *task, float min_radius)
 Circular (Maneuvers::Maneuver *task, double lat, double lon, float radius, float z, uint8_t z_units, float speed, uint8_t speed_units, uint8_t direction)
void onPathControlState (const IMC::PathControlState *pcs)
bool isLoitering (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DUNE::Maneuvers::AbstractLoiter
 AbstractLoiter (Maneuvers::Maneuver *task)
virtual ~AbstractLoiter (void)
virtual void onEstimatedState (const IMC::EstimatedState *msg)

Additional Inherited Members

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DUNE::Maneuvers::Circular::Circular ( const IMC::Loiter maneuver,
Maneuvers::Maneuver task,
float  min_radius 

Default constructor.

[in]maneuverpointer to loiter maneuver
[in]taskpointer to task object (debug and inf)
[in]min_radiusminimum radius to consider in maneuver

References DUNE::IMC::Loiter::direction, DUNE::IMC::Loiter::lat, DUNE::IMC::Loiter::lon, DUNE::IMC::Loiter::radius, DUNE::IMC::Loiter::speed, DUNE::IMC::Loiter::speed_units, DUNE::Math::trimValueMod(), DUNE::IMC::Loiter::z, and DUNE::IMC::Loiter::z_units.

DUNE::Maneuvers::Circular::Circular ( Maneuvers::Maneuver task,
double  lat,
double  lon,
float  radius,
float  z,
uint8_t  z_units,
float  speed,
uint8_t  speed_units,
uint8_t  direction 

Default constructor.

[in]taskpointer to task object (debug and inf)
[in]latlatitude of maneuver
[in]lonlongitude of maneuver
[in]radiuscircular radius
[in]zzed reference for this maneuver
[in]z_unitsunits of the zed reference
[in]speedspeed reference for maneuver
[in]speed_unitsspeed units of the reference
[in]directionloiter direction according to IMC::Loiter

Member Function Documentation

bool DUNE::Maneuvers::Circular::isLoitering ( void  ) const

Check if loitering.

true if loitering, false otherwise

Implements DUNE::Maneuvers::AbstractLoiter.

void DUNE::Maneuvers::Circular::onPathControlState ( const IMC::PathControlState pcs)

Update behavior with path control state.

[in]pcspointer to PathControlState message

Reimplemented from DUNE::Maneuvers::AbstractLoiter.

References DUNE::IMC::PathControlState::FL_LOITERING, and DUNE::IMC::PathControlState::flags.

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