DUNE: Uniform Navigational Environment  2016.05.0
DUNE::Control::BottomTracker Class Reference


struct  Arguments

Public Member Functions

 BottomTracker (const Arguments *args)
 ~BottomTracker (void)
void reset (void)
void activate (void)
void deactivate (void)
void onDistance (const DUNE::IMC::Distance *msg)
void onDesiredZ (const DUNE::IMC::DesiredZ *msg, bool outgoing)
void onDesiredZ (const DUNE::IMC::DesiredZ *msg)
void onDesiredSpeed (const DUNE::IMC::DesiredSpeed *msg)
void onEstimatedState (const DUNE::IMC::EstimatedState *msg)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::BottomTracker ( const Arguments args)
DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::~BottomTracker ( void  )


References DUNE::Memory::clear().

Member Function Documentation

void DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::activate ( void  )

Activate bottom tracker.

References reset().

void DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::deactivate ( void  )

Deactivate bottom tracker.

void DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::onDesiredSpeed ( const DUNE::IMC::DesiredSpeed msg)

On new desired speed message.

[in]msgmessage being consumed or sent.

References DUNE::IMC::DesiredSpeed::value.

Referenced by DUNE::Control::PathController::consume().

void DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::onDesiredZ ( const DUNE::IMC::DesiredZ msg,
bool  outgoing 

On new desired z reference message (sent or received).

[in]msgmessage being consumed or sent.
[in]outgoingtrue if message is supposed to go to the bus.

References DUNE::Tasks::DF_KEEP_TIME, DUNE::Entities::BasicEntity::dispatch(), DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::Arguments::entity, and DUNE::IMC::Message::setTimeStamp().

Referenced by DUNE::Control::PathController::consume(), and onDesiredZ().

void DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::onDesiredZ ( const DUNE::IMC::DesiredZ msg)

On new desired z reference message (sent or received).

[in]msgmessage being consumed or sent.

References onDesiredZ().

void DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::onDistance ( const DUNE::IMC::Distance msg)

On consume message Distance.

[in]msgmessage being consumed.

References DUNE::Control::SlopeData::onDistance().

Referenced by DUNE::Control::PathController::consume().

void DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::onEstimatedState ( const DUNE::IMC::EstimatedState msg)
void DUNE::Control::BottomTracker::reset ( void  )
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