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Vision::DFK51BG02H Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Device driver for the Imaging Source DFK 51BG02.H GigE CCD Color Camera.

The GigE Vision protocol is based on the UDP/IP standard and is available only by signing a non-disclosure agreement and paying a fee. To implement this driver and associated classes the GigE Vision protocol for this camera was reversed engineered using the packet sniffer Wireshark and Imaging Source's IC Capture.

Even though the vendor advertises that the camera supports RGB32 output, the camera is only able to output images in Y800 (Grayscale) and Bayer 8 GBRG (GBGB.. RGRG..), IC Capture does the conversion from Bayer 8 to RGB24 and RGB32 formats. In this device driver we convert Bayer 8 to YUV420 and then to JPEG, this approach is faster than converting to RGB24 and yields smaller JPEGs.

Other limitations of this camera include:

  • No packet retransmission capabilities, which means that if a datagram is dropped the frame will have "holes".
  • White balance is done in software (IC Capture).
  • Automatic control (exposure, etc) is also performed in software (IC Capture)
  • Frames have a fixed geometry of 1600x1200 px.
  • Stream packet size if fixed at 1500 bytes and cannot be changed.

This device driver is capable of controlling the following parameters:

  • Exposure Time: Unit is second, the default value is 0.0819 and the domain is [0.0001, 30.0].
  • Gamma: Unitless, the default value is 100 and the domain is [1-500].
  • Gain: Unitless, the default value is 260 and the domain is [260, 1023].
  • Strobe Polarity: polarity of the strobe signal:
    1. True: normal polarity.
    2. False: inverted polarity.
  • Strobe Mode:
    1. Off: no strobe.
    2. Always On: strobe is always on.
    3. Fixed: behaviour is controlled by the parameters Strobe Delay and Strobe Duration.
    4. Exposure: behaviour is derived from the Exposure Time and Strobe Delay.
  • Strobe Delay: Unit is microsecond. The default value is 0 and the domain is [-10000, 10000].
  • Strobe Duration: Unit is microsecond in the domain [0, 6544], I don't know the meaning in the domain [6544, 20000]. The default value is 0 and the domain is [0, 20000].

This driver will output JPEG files, one for each captured frame, to the folder LOG_FOLDER/Photos/NAME.jpg, where LOG_FOLDER is the current log folder and NAME is the amount of seconds elapsed since the Unix Epoch (1st January, 1970) with four decimal places.

Ricardo Martins


class  AutoExposure
class  Frame
class  GVCP
class  GVSP
struct  Arguments
struct  Task
class  WhiteBalance