DUNE: Uniform Navigational Environment  2016.05.0
Navigation::General::LBL::Task Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Task (const std::string &name, Tasks::Context &ctx)
void onUpdateParameters (void)
void onResourceInitialization (void)
void onResourceRelease (void)
void consume (const IMC::EstimatedState *msg)
void consume (const IMC::EulerAngles *msg)
void consume (const IMC::GpsFix *msg)
void consume (const IMC::LblConfig *msg)
void consume (const IMC::LblRange *msg)
void setup (void)
void startFilter (const IMC::GpsFix *msg)
void onMain (void)

Public Attributes

double m_last_n
double m_last_e
float m_last_depth
double m_yaw
DUNE::Navigation::Ranging m_ranging
IMC::GpsFix * m_origin
IMC::LblEstimate * m_estimate [DUNE::Navigation::c_max_transponders]
uint16_t m_gps_val_bits
Time::Counter< double > m_time_without_gps
KalmanFilter m_kal
Arguments m_args

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::consume ( const IMC::EstimatedState *  msg)

References m_kal, and m_last_depth.

void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::consume ( const IMC::EulerAngles *  msg)

References m_yaw.

void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::consume ( const IMC::GpsFix *  msg)
void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::consume ( const IMC::LblConfig *  msg)
void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::onMain ( void  )
void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::onResourceInitialization ( void  )
void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::onResourceRelease ( void  )

References m_estimate, and m_origin.

void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::onUpdateParameters ( void  )
void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::setup ( void  )
void Navigation::General::LBL::Task::startFilter ( const IMC::GpsFix *  msg)

Start filtering.

[in]msgGPS fix to serve as navigation origin.

References m_last_e, m_last_n, m_origin, m_ranging, and DUNE::Navigation::Ranging::updateOrigin().

Referenced by consume().

Member Data Documentation

Arguments Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_args

Task arguments.

Referenced by consume(), onUpdateParameters(), setup(), and Task().

IMC::LblEstimate* Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_estimate[DUNE::Navigation::c_max_transponders]

LBL position estimates.

Referenced by consume(), onResourceRelease(), and Task().

uint16_t Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_gps_val_bits

GPS validity bits.

Referenced by consume(), and Task().

KalmanFilter Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_kal

Kalman Filter matrices.

Referenced by consume(), and setup().

float Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_last_depth

Last Vehicle Depth value (m).

Referenced by consume(), and Task().

double Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_last_e

Last East reference displacement.

Referenced by consume(), startFilter(), and Task().

double Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_last_n

Last North reference displacement.

Referenced by consume(), startFilter(), and Task().

IMC::GpsFix* Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_origin

Navigation origin.

Referenced by consume(), onResourceRelease(), and startFilter().

DUNE::Navigation::Ranging Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_ranging

LBL beacon information.

Referenced by consume(), setup(), and startFilter().

Time::Counter<double> Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_time_without_gps

Time without GPS sensor readings deadline.

Referenced by consume(), and onUpdateParameters().

double Navigation::General::LBL::Task::m_yaw

Vehicle heading.

Referenced by consume(), and Task().

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