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The NATO Maritime Unmanned Systems Innovation Advisory Board (IAB) was formed to help improve, accelerate and scale the NATO Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative (MUSI), a U.S.-led multinational cooperation effort which aims to accelerate the pace of development and integration of unmanned systems in Allied and Partner navies.

The IAB was inspired by Amir Husain, CEO of SparkCognition and current IAB member, particularly his video, Being an Innovator in the Age of Exponentials, and his call to “get ideas from everywhere” and “work in diverse cross-functional teams.” To that end, members of the Innovation Advisory Board have a diverse set of backgrounds, areas of expertise, and experiences in the public and private sectors. Despite their differences, board members are unified by a personal and professional history of challenging the status quo. The experts include: a member of parliament, a design thinking expert, start-up CEOs, a futurist, a theater producer, several PhD’s, and various other experts in their respective fields.