Manta Communications Gateway

The Manta Communications Gateway allows multiple operators to control and monitor multiple vehicles in a networked environment over distinct platforms. The device is battery powered for full autonomy and portability and is capable of up to 16hours of operation. It comes in a rugged waterproof enclosure that allows installation in the operational site or even in a buoy, if required.

Available Items: 8



43 x 25 x 34 cm


9 kg


8 hours


2.4 and 5 GHz (range up to 4,5 km)


Quad-band 3G/4G module.

Acoustic Communications

WHOI Micro-Modem, EvoLogics S2C R


One GPS module mounted on the lid


Iridium SBD

Wireless Networking

Create local wireless networks for all the systems using Wi-Fi and acoustic modems.

Transparent Bridging

Bridge heterogeneous networks and exchange data transparently between TCP/IP, acoustic, and satellite links.

Mobile Relay

Create a mobile networking infrastructure by taking the Manta with you on a boat or by mounting it on board of an autonomous vessel.

Mobile Internet Connection

Connect your local network to the Internet using 3G or 4G networ

Localization and Satellite Communication

Use Manta’s GPS to localize your operational station and use Iridium communication capabilities to extend the operation worldwide.