Data Centralization

Communications hub for data dissemination and situation awareness

  • Real-time updates
  • Configurable maps

Command and Control Software

Distributed Command and Control Infrastructure for the operation of all types of unmanned vehicles. Neptus supports the different phases of a typical mission life cycle: planning, simulation, execution and post-mission analysis.
Neptus can be adapted by operators to fit mission-specific requirements and extended by developers through a comprehensive plug-in framework.

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Review and Analysis

Android Command and Control Unit

ACCU was developed with two goals in mind: Flexibility and possibility to operate in off-the-shelf hardware. Using the existing IMCJava API from LSTS and based on the Android operating system it was possbile to rapidly develop a stable application that improved significantly our operation scenarios.

  • Extendable Interface
  • Tele-Operation
  • Beacon Positioning and Vehicle Location

Inter-Module Communication Protocol

Defines a common control message set understood by all types of vehicles and computers nodes in networked environments.

  • Message Passing Concept
  • Interoperability
  • Data Integrity

Unified Navigation Environment

Embedded software at the heart of the vehicle: modules for control, navigation, simulation, networking, sensing, and actuation.

  • Message Passing Concept
  • CPU Architecture Independent
  • OS Independent

GNU/Linux Uniform Enviromment Distribution

GLUED is a minimal Linux distribution targeted at embedded systems.

  • Lightweight Linux Distribution
  • Cross Compilation Ready
  • Easy to Configure